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Since the day we were founded, we offer end-to-end custom software development services for our customers with our engineer staff.



ResinaSoft Information Technologies Inc.

was established in Istanbul in 2019 with more than 15 years of experience. Our company, which was established as a continuation of our company IMS Information Technologies, which we established in 2011, has adopted the principle of presenting our experience gained in the process to its customers in a more corporate structure.

ResinaSoft Information Technologies Inc. With the awareness that information technologies are a part of life, it offers turnkey solutions to its customers in many areas such as corporate software, e-commerce platforms, educational technology software, corporate identity studies, mobile applications, hosting and data center services.

With the knowledge, experience and technological infrastructure of its employees who are experts in their fields, it has accelerated its activities on technological solutions today, where mobility is rapidly increasing.

Our company continues to develop itself very quickly by following and applying all innovations and technological developments in the IT sector closely and continuously.

ResinaSoft Information Technologies Inc. has improved and expanded its service quality and portfolio day by day.



Our Vision

  • Increasing the quality of our existing services by following new technologies
  • Always open to research and development to add new products and solutions to our services.
  • To be a leading company that its employees are proud to be a part of
  • Knowing that the most valuable reference is the customers who use their solutions and focusing on providing the highest job satisfaction to their customers
  • To be an organization that draws strength from past experiences, combines team spirit with planned work, values knowledge, adopts working based on trust as a principle, and provides services to its customers within the framework of high quality understanding.

Our Mission

To provide quality and reliable solutions that best meet the needs of our customers with superior and innovative approaches in software, technology, network and system integration.

Combining our skills and experience in information technologies with our understanding of design power and functionality, to provide quality solutions in a short time and to achieve success in the projects we carry out in line with the goals of our customers.

  • Working with a focus on customer satisfaction,
  • Bringing its customers together with technology,
  • To follow and apply the developing technology up-to-date,
  • To produce solutions that increase the efficiency, profitability and competitive potential of the IT sector,
  • Working with a team spirit aiming at continuous development and success with the participation of all ResinaSoft Information Technologies employees,
  • To make all its employees believe that they are leaders in their field of responsibility within the framework of team spirit and to support them in their development by ensuring their participation in relevant trainings,
  • To realize the project objectives in accordance with our promise, on time and in the most accurate way

are our other missions.